Thursday, April 21, 2016

Robotech Tactics pt3 - UEDF Destroids

Welcome back! This post we continue our look into the Robotech Tactics game from Palladium Books. Again a commission piece with the colors picked by the client, but such a fun long project.

     This week is more UDEF models, the Destroids! Destroids are the bigger mecha from the previous Brownies (more commonly know as Veritechs). They are bigger, pack more of a punch, and only come in one form as opposed from the Veritechs. Although there are a variety of Destroids and we will look at them here.





     Since the commission was a large one, I was able to get two models of each type for a bit more variety. Next we move onto the heroes, the named characters of the UEDF!

Robotech Tactics pt2 - UEDF Brownies & Ben Dixon

     Hello there- its been one crazy month to get in this post, but we continue our look into the Robotech Tactics miniatures starting with the good guys, The UEDF Brownies!

As the backbone of the UEDF army there are a good handful of these models, As per the client made a few of these and used some of the other models in the box as the named heroes, but we will get to them later. The Veritechs come in 3 different modes: The fighter, guardian, and battroid. Below we will see a close up one of the models in each mode, and then group shots. Enjoy!

Fighter mode

 Guardian mode

 Group shots

     Somehow I have lost the Battroid mode pics, but you can see them in the group shots above. As with most in this large commission, the client wanted colors matching the Robotech universe, going off colors that came in the rulebook. The anime series is a great epic space opera and if you haven't seen it before, you should definitely check it out!

Ben Dixon

And here is a group shot of Ben Dixon, one of the named characters. Ben, as well as the other named characters, follow the same build with their different modes. The most notable difference is their head and color scheme. The other named characters will follow after the UEDF Destructoid models.

I hope you enjoyed this viewing, until next time!

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Robotech Tactics pt1- Intro

Hello hello.
Its time for another blog post update!

     This update we will begin looking into Robotech Tactics by Palladium Books. I know, I know all about the Kickstarter campaign and the pain it has caused some, believe me I am waiting on my one figure that has yet to ship through the Wave 2 process. Instead we are here to look at the miniatures and see what painting can be done to these figures.

     As with most of what I share here on this ol blog, it is a commission set given to the clients instructions. This particular commission was HUGE! So big in fact it may just span a few posts to cover everything. First we will cover the United Earth Defense Force (UEDF-the good guys). Next we will cover the Zentraedi (the bad guys). And the last update will cover some of the character UEDF models, most of which are little modifications to represent them until their release.

     I will leave you with a little teaser of everything I painted, and the next post we will start with the backbone of the UEDF army, the Brownies.



 Thats a whole lotta Robotech! Get ready to dive into the individual pieces coming up!

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Dark Age Games - Dragyri Fire Caste

Welcome back!

This week we are going to take a look at the  Dargyri Fire Caste warband box from Dark Age Games.

This was a commission piece I did for a local client, with the freedom of colors. I went with the volcanic ashen skin color. Their armor is a mix of bronze and silver, the weapons more of steel in color. Lets take a look!

Dragyri Volcanic Helot (female)

Dragyri Phalanx (female)

Dragyri Spirit Lord of the Fire Caste

The bases were custom made using cork, PVA white glue, and painted up for a little earth on lava effect.

For a warband/starter box 3 models does seem like a low count, but being on large bases it seems reasonable. Personally I like the look of the Kukulkani more (having almost all those models), and a few of the Forsaken. The newer models are looking better and better, and someday I will get to paint more of them (like everything else lol).

Well until next time readers...

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Questing in Arcadia pt4

     What a crazy last two weeks it has been, we had our first snow storm BLIZZARD of the year (30" here), multiple projects started, and tons of extra hours in at work. And the extra hours continue for a while I am told so I decided to do this weeks update a day early. This week will wrap up the Questing in Arcadia series for now, more will come later after I paint a few more figures-most from the retail release box. Next week we will take a look at a starter box from Dark Age, the retail box (plus some) from Robotech, and possibly reach the newest from Zombicide Black Plague! A handful of random other miniatures, and possibly some terrain is also in the works but lets not get ahead of ourselves.

Onto Arcadia Quest!!


While he is not a hero, he sparked my interest as the first monster to be painted. He dubs as a Troll minion or the troll boss, Schmetterling!


There we have it, the last 2 figures painted up from Arcadia Quest for this series. Its a great game as I may have mentioned before. Really enjoyed playing it and painting the figures. The rest will come painted up later this year (hopefully).

Until next time.