Thursday, October 9, 2014

'Ere thar be Pyrates pt3

Arrrrrr, welcome back me harties. Continuing from last week, we take a look now at the Specialists for Freebooters Fate Pirates faction. Specialists bring a bit more variation to your crew, and cost a bit more to recruit as well. Lets take a look at some of them now:

 I love this stance, he puts his best hand forward.

Long John
long, long range? yes please. a cockatoo? yes please.

 Cant tell if the name is because of her gun, or red hair.
It may be best to not ask.

Crazy Perez
Technically she is a mercenary, but can be hired by Pirates.
 And with a name like hers, and her abilities, I had to paint her
in fashion of my favorite DC comics characters.

So thar they be. This is not all the Specialist options, but the ones I have at the moment. When I get the others in they too will be painted and displayed. Next week, I will show off some of the Captains for the Pirates faction, possibly a surprise post for a recent commission.

Until then...

Thursday, October 2, 2014

'Ere thar be Pyrates pt2

     Welcome back reader, we continue this week looking at more shiny pirates from Freebooters Fate. This time, we are continuing on with a few more deckhand options to add to the force from last weeks starter. Deckhands are the fodder nice little additions that bring support to your captains and help ensure their victory. Lets take a look at some of them now::

Cuchillo #2
Another knife player, his skill is sharp.

 Went for some tattoo work on half his face here, hard to see with this picture,
but the arm tattoos turned out great.

Pirate #2
This sultry lass thought it be fun to join the crew of pirates.

We call him Fabio. Mostly because of his stance,
that and he can dance!
 Matelots are armed with a pistol and a cutlass, a step up from your basic pirate
 but the cost is the same to hire into your crew.

More bang for yer gold.

 Double handed heavy musket she carries, a cutlass just in case.
 Her name be Tiradoros, shes got a tattoo on her face.

     Arrrr. Few more deckhands for ya ta choose from. For the most part, the Pirates and Chullio have the same stats, just different models in case you want to run 2 of the same type of deckhands and not be confused upon activations. Matelot and Tiradoro also have a second model each, but I have yet to get them ordered.

     That be all for this week maties. Next week we will look at some Specialist's for the pirate crew. Until then....

Friday, September 26, 2014

'Ere thar be Pyrates

     Welcome back! This week I am pleased to show you my pirates, well some of them anyway. For years I always loved the look of Freebooters Miniatures. Getting my hands on them, well since it wasnt being played locally, was few and far between options. Once I found Cool Mini or Not, there were better options and I slowly built up usually buying one at a time and slow working on them between other projects.
     Over the past summer things changed. A few of us at our LGS went a bit game crazy and we began to play this skirmish game of awesomeness, Freebooters Fate! Skirmish based game, with really great options and play style. Needless to say, I went with Pirates as my chosen faction, because...pirates. First up is the starter box all painted up: Lets take a look!

     First up we have the generic deckhand, the Pirate! Armed with a pistol, a knife, a few daggers, and mean demeanor; he joins the crew quite cheap just looking for thrills.

 Corn-cobber pipe in the hat for those relaxing moments between thrills.
 Sneaky sneaky, knife strapped for those close encounters of the deadly kind.

     Next up is another generic crew member, the Cuchillo. Quite short and sneaky as his stats allow.
 He likes to get close and personal with his Dundee knife.

Curly Ann
 Third up is the specialist, Curly Ann. Specialists are a bit more expensive members of your crew, but bring more to the table than your basic Deckhands. This charming lady brings long distance death and looks that could kill (well she does).
 Although she has a peg-leg, it doesnt hold her back from getting to where she needs to be.

 That pistol, you know she means business.

Captain Rosso
  Last up from the starter box is our captain. The leader of the crew, the man of many coats (and pistols), Captain Rosso.

 He does come with an optional hat, so I left it out in favor of his bandana.

     Arrr. Ye can feel it in yer bones, that fever grippin you. Must be fate.
The game is super fun and quick once you get a few in. Aside from the miniatures and a board set up to play, you need a deck of cards that provide events, treasure, damage, and a hit location system that works off of bluffing. Very nice change of pace from the usual dice rolling miniatures game.

     More posts to follow that will display more of these fantastic miniatures, and more of the crew of my pirates (basically all the pirates) and a few mercenaries. Until next time!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Orange is the new....

Wanted to post this on Wednesday, but here it is Friday already. I have a new work schedule so life once again gets rearranged. Going back to working 5 days a week instead of my old 3-12hr days. Less time for long paint sessions, but I have plenty of pics to work on and post up here.

This week, we go Orange with 2 new models from Wyrd Miniatures for their game Malifaux, the Convict Gunslingers! They work for the Outcast faction and come 2 in a box. Convicts always wear orange right?

Convict Gunslinger 1

 look at that stare...

I free handed some tattoos on both his arms, the left one moreso than the right.

Convict Gunslinger 2

 This nice tribal on his back is a running symbol I used before (you will see it again). Its a nice way to tie in figures from the same group for games.

There you have it, 2 wanted men all but based up and ready for the frey. I have issues (I think I have said before) when it comes to base work on miniatures. Usually, if part of a faction to play in a game, I like to make them all at once. I wanted to at least put these up here while I had them done so I dont run into the backlog I have right now of publishing pictures.

Until next week, have a great weekend!