Sunday, February 27, 2011

Stairway to....

So today I was able to finish up all the stairs needed for my Dungeon X project. If we remember from last time, Dungeon X is a project for a dungeon I designed that will use WorldWorks Games papercraft dungeon sets Lost Halls of the Dwarven Kings, Treasures and Tombs, and Vault of the Ancients.
During the past week I also had to redesign the dungeon because, well frankly, stairs cannot go thru the floors ;P So this update I present my stairs, fully assembled and edged ready for placement into the soon to be dungeon.

Newest stack of pages that need to be assembled to complete Dungeon X
 Stair pieces cut out and ready for assembly
 First side glued, now for the second side
 Stairs completed! This is the 3" stairs.

 Now I know what your thinking: Paper? No way..but yes, look how sturdy it holds this Mariner from Privateer Press - a full metal miniature. Sturdy and no bending.
 My full set of stairs needed for Dungeon X. 7 in total. 2 of the 3" wide and 5 of the 1" wide stairs...but you can count that already.
Well onto more features later - in this dungeon will be alot of cool features and I cant wait to begin more work on it.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dirty Meg

So another update on a miniature. Her name is Dirty Meg (shes not that dirty). She is a Mercenary solo character for the Mercenary army in Warmachine. She is also part of my Pyrate army I have yet to finish painting, but a recent challenge pushed me to finish her. Hope you enjoy!

Painting Updates!

Ok so Its been a bit busy here. Work especially, but not to mention the current League of Warmachine/Hordes that I am a part of (go Cryx!). Anyhow I was able to paint somemore miniatures, none are Cryx-go figure, and still do so. My Dungeon has been put on hold for now, but I will be continuing it soon as league ends. Until then here are some painted miniatures to enjoy!

Spell Martyers for Legion of Everblight

 Hex Hunters and Leader

 Bayal, Hound of Everblight

Those were some commission pieces I do for a friend, he runs the Legion of Everblight for Hordes from Privateer Press. I will have more pics eventually - who knows maybe better lighting too!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Cult of December (Rasputina's Box)

From Wyrd Miniatures, for their game Malifaux, I present Rasputina's starter box. The Cult of December!

Yuri the Axe

From Privateer Press Warmachine line, I give you Yuri the Axe! He is a solo figure from the Khador army and a friend wanted him to represent his Dungeons and Dragons character, all I did was swap the base out and added one more fitting to size.
Hope you enjoy these pics::