Sunday, February 27, 2011

Stairway to....

So today I was able to finish up all the stairs needed for my Dungeon X project. If we remember from last time, Dungeon X is a project for a dungeon I designed that will use WorldWorks Games papercraft dungeon sets Lost Halls of the Dwarven Kings, Treasures and Tombs, and Vault of the Ancients.
During the past week I also had to redesign the dungeon because, well frankly, stairs cannot go thru the floors ;P So this update I present my stairs, fully assembled and edged ready for placement into the soon to be dungeon.

Newest stack of pages that need to be assembled to complete Dungeon X
 Stair pieces cut out and ready for assembly
 First side glued, now for the second side
 Stairs completed! This is the 3" stairs.

 Now I know what your thinking: Paper? No way..but yes, look how sturdy it holds this Mariner from Privateer Press - a full metal miniature. Sturdy and no bending.
 My full set of stairs needed for Dungeon X. 7 in total. 2 of the 3" wide and 5 of the 1" wide stairs...but you can count that already.
Well onto more features later - in this dungeon will be alot of cool features and I cant wait to begin more work on it.

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