Sunday, June 19, 2011


So as promised, here is an update of the Slaughterhousers unit from Privateer Press's line Hordes. Again these units were commissioned and to be done quick and cheap. Slaughterhousers are a 6 pig unit and can be deadly to face on the opposing side of the table, but fielding them is SO fun!

So this update is not 1, but 2 units of Slaughterhousers! When fielding 2 units of the same models you want a way to be able to tell the 2 units apart incase they mix into each other in the battle. My solution was 2 different colors of armor. Red and Black. The second one I just finished over the weekend. So without delay, here are the 2 unit of these ferocious piggies. Enjoy!

Slaughterhousers. Unit 1. Red armor.
I experimented on this red armor, wanting to test how it would look. Its a combination of Wash and drybrush with paint and inks. I like the way it turned out.

Slaughterhousers. Unit 2. Black armor.
I experimented on this black armor, wanting to test how it would look. Its a combination of Wash and drybrush with paint and inks. I am rather mixed about the way it turned out.

So there you have some slaughterhousers. enjoy! I have to get back to more painting ;)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Squeal like a pig!

Oh this update is a long time due. A few months ago, and since then, I have been commissioned to paint up  various units of a Farrow army from Privateer Press's Hordes game. It was for a local gamer who really didnt want to take time to paint and who didnt want to pay a whole lot to have them painted up.

In suggests me (rather I was suggested). Cheap, quick, ok looking miniatures to play with all painted up. These are a few of his models I did up for him. Remember: Cheap and quick. As long as they were painted thats all he wanted.

First up: Farrow Bonegrinders

Follwed by: Farrow Razorback Crew

Next we have: Slaughterhousers!

How about a caster for that army? This is the warlock Dr. Arcadius. Note that this was a special request, the caster had to be painted black, as the man playing them (and paying for the painting) wanted it that way-and customer is always right:

Also to add to the pigs, we included 2 solos that can fit into almost any army.

Saxon Orrik

Alten Ashley

What and update! I think I will also make separate posts of the individual units to get a better pictures of individuals within the unit. So that was a big chunk of current painting commissions. I still have another unit or two in the works and will post sometime after I finish them.

Keep them brushes dry!

War Rocket!

This is a recent 3 piece miniatures that I was commissioned to do for an upcoming game rewards prize.
War Rocket is a sci-fi space battle miniatures game from Hydra Miniatures. They were different then I am used to painting, but were a lot of fun. The only guides I were given was they had to be pop-retro cultures, think Flash Gordon!

I think they turned out great. I did 2 of the ships the same colors, but the third one was done semi-reverse from the other 2 colors. This one I think I like the best. Enjoy!

these were fun to paint, and really quick- even with blending them.
As always, keep those brushes wet!


OK, I know, its been a while. It seems I am getting more done, but less posts in. Even less into the building of Dungeon X and other items. Work has gotten super busy and I have been painting both my own stuff and commission pieces.

Most of these commission pieces have been photographed, but yet to be uploaded. Most of my own personal stuff has yet to be photographed because of so busy. I am sure I will get around to it someday.

I assume by September or October I will resume Dungeon X project, but I am awaiting other items at the moment and currently deep into painting. I will be posting up at least 2 updates today to feed some source of this blog, so it doesnt feel completely useless (like my poor unused XBOX360).

Keep those brushes smooth!