Saturday, July 5, 2014

Hasslefree Zombicide

Well back again. Hope everyone had a fun, safe, Independence Day celebration (4th of July here in the states).

This time, I am going to bring you 2 figures from Hasslefree miniatures that I am using for some Zombicide figures, notably the survivor version. They are the perfect size for playing as a survivor, not to mention great sculpts.

Dynamic Ray

Zombie Hunter Kev

Now I will admit, I got Dynamic Ray to use as Shaun (from Shaun of the Dead) before Zombicide 2 Kickstarter happened, but I am still using him as an alternative model. Zombie Hunter Kev is for my personal character I made stats for, his name is Tyrone and he is good business.

I hope you enjoyed this installment, now I have to take more pictures and get ready for more posts. Until next time, take care of your brushes.