Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Diaper-Machine Trophy!

Warmachine. Hordes. Privateer Press. Tournament. Need a trophy.

A little background is required here. The LGS, Comic Store West has a new Store Manager (If you havnt been to the store in a while it is Scott, no to mention the store has changed their layout).  Scott is having a baby! Well actually his wife is having the baby, but you get the gist. So one of the store owners thought it would be nice to throw a Warmachine/Hordes tournament in his honer and help celebrate and help them out a bit too, as most know a first baby can get expensive.

So they asked me to make a trophy for the tournament, which was dubbed Diaper-Machine! Why? Because the registration fee is 1 50 count box of diapers for a newborn. Also 20% of anything bought that day related to Privateer Press products goes towards Scott and his wife as a Target giftcard!

So I jumped at the chance to make the trophy. Scott has made the trophies before for our other events, and I like to think of him as a friend and would love the chance to do it. After hours of pondering and searching for ideas, I thought of the scene in the Lion King. You all know which scene I am talking about, where they hold up the cub (Simba?) to the rest of the tribe and jungle.

Well here are some pics of the finished product, hope you enjoy::

Some notes about the piece:
The wood is actually 2 pieces of plaque picked up at local art store. The stone made from cork board. There is a Dire Troll Mauler, modified to be able to hold the baby in place. And that baby is a Trollblood Whelp. Both models are metal and are from Privateer Press. I used the trolls because that is the army Scott plays, and those are the colors of his trolls.

The place card is handmade and modeled after some .gif's of gears I found and cut out of plasticard. The letters are hand painted on using regular acrylic paints.

Hope you enjoyed it as well as I hope they do, and even the winner as well. Take care everyone, back to painting. Keep them brushes wet.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Egrimm Van Horstmann

"The Dragon, the Dragon, the Dragon!"
Yes this is a Games Workshop model. Yes it is an old one, from 1998 I believe. This was a recent commission piece I was assigned. Although it took me forever. About 3-4 months to complete. Not because it is that big (it is big), but because I had a handful of other projects jump into my lap, and I was told I can take my time with this one.

This particular piece was interesting enough tho. I painted this same model around the time it came out when I was getting into painting, and I thought I did a good job back then. Heh. I was wrong. But thats how we know we are growing and developing our skills. So now I present Egrimm Van Horstmann: Chaos Champion upon his double-headed dragon!

This first picture is a side by side comparison of the one I did over 10 years ago when I was just starting, and the one I finished up this year.

Well I think that calls for celebration! This one is finally finished and will be delivered out later this week. And now I just have a few more commission pieces to do before I can get back to my own stuff! Hopefully I can finish them by September, Because I have to finish painting my Super Dungeon Explore stuff. I plan to have October be all Zombicide month! to try and finish them out for a big event at my LGS. Until next time readers!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Nick Walker - Zombicide

So as read earlier, I got Zombicide! A fantastic board game made by Guillotine Games and published by Cool Mini or Not. It is a co-operative board game about surviving the zombie apocalypse.

Now it does come with a TON of miniatures for both survivors and the zombies (as seen in earlier post of the unboxing). I did tell myself that I would NOT paint anything until after the commissions I have are finished.  Well last night Zombicide won out. After playing a few games of this I broke down and painted a survivor. Nick "the Bad Cop" Walker.

Enough rambling on, here are some pictures!

As I was painting him all I could think was this line: "Come out to the coast, get together, We'll have a few laughs". Maybe not a good idea, but eh...thats me.

Hope you enjoyed, now back to painting other stuffs.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Zombicide ARRIVES!

Today the box arrived. The long awaited ZOMBICIDE! This is an unboxing post


What's in the box?
Since Kickstarter I went the Ambomination pack for all those zombies and extras. Here you can see the contents of the box:
Zombicide game, extra tiles, extra dice, Abomination pack, and the art print.

And here is the abomination pack!

And here is the abomination pack contents:
35 moar zombies, 3 new heroes, 3 hero stat cards, and 2 sets of dice!

And now........



ok a little giddy there. Here is what you get:

65 zombies, 6 heroes, 6 hero stat cards, 9 game tiles, 1 token tile, the rule book, and 6 dice.


ZOMBIES!!! here is 1 sheet of the zombies. They look great and cant wait to paint!

Here are the 6 heroes and 1 abomination. Color coded is a nice touch for those that wont/cant paint. 

So its here!!!! cant wait to play this game. Painting will be put aside for the moment as I have lots of commissions to do first. I will be demoing this at my LGS. Also possibly be running a campaign with the game if enough interest pops up.

Hope you enjoyed your unboxing!