Thursday, August 16, 2012

Egrimm Van Horstmann

"The Dragon, the Dragon, the Dragon!"
Yes this is a Games Workshop model. Yes it is an old one, from 1998 I believe. This was a recent commission piece I was assigned. Although it took me forever. About 3-4 months to complete. Not because it is that big (it is big), but because I had a handful of other projects jump into my lap, and I was told I can take my time with this one.

This particular piece was interesting enough tho. I painted this same model around the time it came out when I was getting into painting, and I thought I did a good job back then. Heh. I was wrong. But thats how we know we are growing and developing our skills. So now I present Egrimm Van Horstmann: Chaos Champion upon his double-headed dragon!

This first picture is a side by side comparison of the one I did over 10 years ago when I was just starting, and the one I finished up this year.

Well I think that calls for celebration! This one is finally finished and will be delivered out later this week. And now I just have a few more commission pieces to do before I can get back to my own stuff! Hopefully I can finish them by September, Because I have to finish painting my Super Dungeon Explore stuff. I plan to have October be all Zombicide month! to try and finish them out for a big event at my LGS. Until next time readers!

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