Friday, August 10, 2012

Zombicide ARRIVES!

Today the box arrived. The long awaited ZOMBICIDE! This is an unboxing post


What's in the box?
Since Kickstarter I went the Ambomination pack for all those zombies and extras. Here you can see the contents of the box:
Zombicide game, extra tiles, extra dice, Abomination pack, and the art print.

And here is the abomination pack!

And here is the abomination pack contents:
35 moar zombies, 3 new heroes, 3 hero stat cards, and 2 sets of dice!

And now........



ok a little giddy there. Here is what you get:

65 zombies, 6 heroes, 6 hero stat cards, 9 game tiles, 1 token tile, the rule book, and 6 dice.


ZOMBIES!!! here is 1 sheet of the zombies. They look great and cant wait to paint!

Here are the 6 heroes and 1 abomination. Color coded is a nice touch for those that wont/cant paint. 

So its here!!!! cant wait to play this game. Painting will be put aside for the moment as I have lots of commissions to do first. I will be demoing this at my LGS. Also possibly be running a campaign with the game if enough interest pops up.

Hope you enjoyed your unboxing!

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