Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Zombicide: Black Plague Main Heroes

Welcome Back!
 This week we take a look at the starting heroes from Zombicide: Black Plague by Guillotine Games.

I realize the game came out a while ago, and was a Kickstarter, but as with my backlog of pictures I am just now getting around to posting them up.

This one excited me as a follow up stand alone Zombicide game mostly because it goes medieval! Thats right: swords, sorcery, bows, brute strength, werewolves! Yeah, I got giddy when it was announced and quickly became a backer. Some of the rules changed (for the better), and a plastic dashboard came for each hero for easier equipment tracking. Really enjoyed the games I have played.

Now, onto some pictures!!

 Samson - Dwarven Blacksmith

Clovis - Human Warrior

Nelly - Human Barmaid

Baldric - Human Mage

Slias - Elven Ranger

Anne - Human Warrior Nun

There you have it. The starting six heroes that come in Zombicide: Black Plague. These were a lot of fun to paint up, in fact I did so within an hour of opening the box up! The rest of the box were to be painted later, but I still have yet to get to them.

Well, I hope you enjoyed looking. Until next time!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Questing in Arcadia pt5

Welcome back readers!

This week we look back into a few more figures for Arcadia Quest that I completed last year. The first two are commission pieces for a fellow player, and the last one, Maya, is part of my collection for the game. Lets take a look:




With most of the Arcadia Quest figures I am still trying to perfect the Non-Metallic Metal style without it looking too cartoony. It still works, but needs to get better. These models are as fun to paint as they are to play the game with and I hope to be able to get to more this year.

Until next time!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Merlock the Magnificent

Welcome back!

This week I am going to show off another commission for a local client. This one is Merlock the Magnificent from Reaper Miniatures. All colors chosen by client, and the clear base provided. Lets take a look:

Merlock the Magnificent

This one was done to a higher standard than normal, so that was a bonus for me. Really enjoyed painting this one, and got to use my new background!

Until next time!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

BAM! 2017

Hello there. Long time no post.

As usual the yearly resolution post, the one thing me and you can count on. I hope everyone had a great end of the year holiday, mine was business as usual- work, painting, and family and friends.

Lets get to it!

Along with hoping to post more, I have a TON of projects to share and need to clean up space on the hard drive. So before those pics go into storage, I should be posting them here. Up the post count and hope for at least 52. Thats one a week, and hopefully on Tuesdays, but we will see how that goes.

I am also facing a backlog of miniatures I want to paint that I have bought over the past 2 years. So I am calling it here and now to paint a previous bought model at least once a month. That way if commissions come across I should be able to hit that mark. Its not a lot, may not even dent my collection, but a step in the right direction.

Play more games! Aside from a weekly meetup at the LGS for some RPGing, I dont really have a routine gaming schedule. Honestly I would rather paint. Also running game demos was a big step for me the past 2 years and unfortunately with work schedule I had to put that on hold for the last half of last year. Looking forward to getting back into that.

Well I started off with my top 3 for the hobby. Lets see how this goes.

Until next time.