Monday, October 31, 2011

Loryn Stormblade, Elf

Loryn Stormblade, and elf. He is from Reaper Miniatures "Dark Heaven Legends" line of miniatures. I think he may be the leader of the group (or not) but as an elf his armor has to be pretty. So shiny pearl white is how I painted it.

His hair is not much to my liking in color, but its what was wanted. The eyes...the eyes turned out different than normal. Im not sure what happened, and I am kind of liking it.

Thelgar, 1/2 Orc Barbarian

His name is Thelgar. He is a 1/2 Orc Barbarian. He is from Reaper Miniatures "Dark Heaven Legends" line of miniatures. As a commission piece that is ment to be part of a group, he was the hardest. Just because the only piece of cloth I could paint, would be the loincloth.

I rather do like how he turned out tho.

Sora Goldflame, Cleric

Sora Goldflame, Cleric from Reaper Miniatures "Dark Heaven Legends" line of miniatures.

Another commission piece. The colors were given as she is part of the heroic group. I like how the white  turned out on her, I think I got that down now.

Alfonso, Musketeer

Here is Alfonso, Musketeer. From Reaper Miniatures "Dark Heaven Legends" line of miniatures.
He was a commission piece, and frankly was quick to paint.

Heroes of ?

So as a last update of this month (Happy Halloween), I give you a group of heroes I was recently asked to paint. They are from Reaper Miniatures line of Dark Heaven Legends.  Now this is the group shot, but I will be adding 4 more post updates focusing on each miniature.

From left to right: Thelgar (1/2 Orc Barbarian), Sora Goldflame (cleric), Loryn Stormblade (elf), and Alfonso (musketeer).

I enjoyed doing single "hero" models for a change, I also am working on another at the moment, but he is unfinished. It is one I had sitting around for a while now and was inspired to paint him after this lot was given to me.

Well, onto the posts of each of these heroes in their own and then I am working on my dungeon.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Dungeon Week Bust

So incase you couldnt tell I have yet to post an update on my Dungeon Week. It was a bust. When I thought I was going to get time, I ended up working a whole lot of hours at my "real job". The good news is the 2-way corner posts are out of the way. I also remembered I do have a "Staycation" coming up in a few weeks, so I more than likely will be doing dungeon work then also and will update. The next 2 weeks I have commission work on more miniatures due so some pics will follow those.

As a side note, I also purchased Batman: Arkham City. The game is beautiful and the plot is amazing (As was the first one). Although I should note I was only able to play the game for 2 hrs in total (also because of work), but enjoyed every minute. It has been a while since I was able to enjoy a video game, since I am addicted to painting, but I am looking forward to playing more of this one (after I paint) some time in the future.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Dungeon Week Day 1

Update to this weeks self imposed Dungeon Week. Yesterday I was able to print off more pages that I found I needed from WorldWorks Games terrain. I decided to start off the week with a little post construction. I found for this new Dungeon, I need a total of 40 2-way corner posts, 30 of the 3-way center posts, and 5 of the 4-way middle posts. With these I will be part way to the totals I need for Dungeon X. Also I needed 4 of the 3" wide stairs and decided to also make use of making 3 1" stairs extra.

Well enough babbling on, here are some pictures::

All 40 of the 2-way posts have been fully assembled, and 1 3" staircase. The 3-way center posts have been cut out and just need final assembly as well as the other staircases. Tomorrow I will continue their work and start on more floor tiles. 

Until then, watch where you cut.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

October Update

So as not to have only 1 post this month (so far), I decided to do an update. This month has been busy with my full time job and some commissions I have been able to do. Unfortunately, the commissions are not finished. They were used in a charity event over this past weekend and will be returned to me so I can finish them this week. The pics will be uploaded.

Also, this week I have dubbed "Dungeon Week" for myself. No painting this whole week, but I will be working on papercraft dungeons from the fabulous WorldWorks Games. Not specifically Dungeon X, but a smaller dungeon that with the pieces will be able to incorporate into Dungeon X. That is the glory of WorldWorks Games TLX format.

Going a whole week without painting will be difficult for me. I have now come to the realization it is an obsession, an addiction if you will. There is not a day that I go thru that I don"t paint, so this week will be difficult for me, but I need to get some of this dungeon built. I will be updating with pictures either thruout the week or at the end of the week.

For now I go off the deep end, exchange my brush for a blade....

Monday, October 10, 2011

Black Ivan

Another painted miniature update! This one is from Privateer Press's line of Warmachine. Coming from the north, from the Khador army, this is Black Ivan.

I took two sets of pictures for this one. The first is a straight on shot, the second at an angle. I hope you enjoyed, now back to painting and working on....Dungeon X! (hopefully soon I will get more pics up on that)