Sunday, October 16, 2011

October Update

So as not to have only 1 post this month (so far), I decided to do an update. This month has been busy with my full time job and some commissions I have been able to do. Unfortunately, the commissions are not finished. They were used in a charity event over this past weekend and will be returned to me so I can finish them this week. The pics will be uploaded.

Also, this week I have dubbed "Dungeon Week" for myself. No painting this whole week, but I will be working on papercraft dungeons from the fabulous WorldWorks Games. Not specifically Dungeon X, but a smaller dungeon that with the pieces will be able to incorporate into Dungeon X. That is the glory of WorldWorks Games TLX format.

Going a whole week without painting will be difficult for me. I have now come to the realization it is an obsession, an addiction if you will. There is not a day that I go thru that I don"t paint, so this week will be difficult for me, but I need to get some of this dungeon built. I will be updating with pictures either thruout the week or at the end of the week.

For now I go off the deep end, exchange my brush for a blade....

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