Monday, March 26, 2012

Anima Tactics- Kujaku Hime

Another commission work painted and complete! This is Kujaku Hime, a beautiful figure from Anima Tactics. Anima Tactics is a miniatures game, but this commission was for a solo figure to use in another way, as an RPG character. Going with what the client wanted, I painted her up nice an pretty with all the details.

The basic idea was that she is a goddess in human form. Dressed as a miko priestess she walks the earth. I think I did a good job overall, and the client was pleased with the outcome.

So there is one more for March done and uploaded, others will follow soon. Until then....

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

March Maddness

No this isnt relating to any sports. Its just an update about how spastic I have been going the past month.
I have yet to upload the Mighty Armies pictures I promised to upload here. Or much of anything else done on here like massive updates or pictures of other things I have finished.

Instead I have been painting a bunch of personal and commission works. Games Workshop Chaos Dragon (old school), Anime Tactics solo character, Super Dungeon Explore minion and heroes, some Warmachine and Hordes figures, etc etc. I dont have a single one finished, most are a few touches away from completion, but only a few sadly.

 I have also assembled and primed some scenery for my homemade table for wargaming (mostly Warmachine). Assembled and primed, not much else done to them. Some are buildings from various companies (mostly Games Workshop) and some I have built using the pink foam and other materials.

 Not to mention, recently began working on yet ANOTHER papercraft dungeon! This time it is Fat Dragon Games 3D EZ Dungeon - the original that I based my 8-bit dungeon off of. I began doing another one because I am a Legionnaire member (CoolMiniorNot's demo corp) and in April I am hosting a Super Dungeon Explore Day comprising of 6 hrs of building, painting, and playing Super Dungeon Explore! I wanted to have a few different options for those that show up, so I will be pulling out my many dungeons for them to play on. I will have pictures up as well next month when that hits.

So there we have it. An update so I am not really slacking off. :) now off to painting more stuff.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Bog Trog

Well here we are, another quick commission (done back in January). Bog Trog Ambushers from Privateer Press's line of Hordes. Basic quick paint job was asked, and received.

Well that was a nice quick update. I am still working on the pic upload for the Mighty Armies as well as 2 current commissions. I like to keep busy. I also got a new 55" tv and that has drawn me away a bit from painting like I used to, but I am still working on things.

Until next time

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Demonkin Hero? SDE

Super Dungeon Explore! Such an awesome game, if you havnt played yet, go find someone with a copy and play. Loads of fun as I may have mentioned before.

This blog update is about a hero piece I was commissioned to do recently, the Riftling Rogue also known as the Demonkin Hero. Sometimes "BAMF!" referring to her one ability, or Samuel L Jackson ;)
Anyway a commission I enjoyed to do. The game comes with the plastic miniatures, but this is one of the metal ones the client found online. His requests were simple: Hot pink hair, purple eyes. The rest was my options, hopefully I did it justice.

There was also a resin treasure chest that came with the metal figure.

I also uploaded to my account so if you like it, go vote on it (link is in the side menu). Now off to another of many commissions and personal stuff. I need more time to do all this.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Swamp Gobbers

Swamp Gobber Bellows Crew. These 2 were a nice pair to paint. This is another commission project that went with the Croak Hunters and Bog Trog Ambushers unit (those will come later).
Swamp Gobbers are from Privateer Press and are from the Hordes side, Minions models - meaning they will work with most other Horde armies. This is actually the second time I have painted this unit and I like this look better.

Hope you enjoyed that. Later this week I will have to get the Bog Trog Ambushers unit up, but until then I am going to paint something, you should too.

Ribbit Ribbet..

As promised here is another miniature update! This is not 1, not 2, but 3 Croak Hunters! The Croak Hunter is a solo minion for the Hordes side of Privateer Press. This commission was for 3 and wanted each one unique. So Instead of 3 separate blog posts, I will cover all 3 in 1!

Croak Hunter #1

Croak Hunter #2

Croak Hunter #3

Feeling froggy? I got 1 more for today and then off to paint more stuff! Later this week I will have 2 massive blog posts on a commission for the game Mighty Armies. Over 68 miniatures, 2 armies, 15mm! But that is later this week.