Monday, September 12, 2016

Robotech Tactics pt6 - Zentraedi Artillary, Recon, and Recovery Battlepods

Here we are, at the end of the Robotech Tactics commission. Its been a long journey, and now we can move onto more miniatures! For those keeping track at home these were all finished up at the beginning of 2015. Real life issues popping up and other various factors, finally led me to being able to upload them. In the mean time I kept painting new and different things, so we will slowly get to them.

The last of the models....are we ready? LETS GOOOooooo

Zentraedi Artillery Battlepods

Zentraedi Recon Battlepods

 Zentraedi Recovery Battlepod

Parting is such sweet sorrow, but I am glad I got those out there. Bonus, so was the client!

      That wraps up the Robotech Tactics commission. Meanwhile I have almost a whole years worth of stuff to edit, export, and upload. We have some Zombicide, Arcadia Quest, Reaper, an Arena Rex figure, some more quick jobs of Hordes, and possibly a Games Workshop figure too. There is probably some more in there as well and we will see them together in the future, some of you for the first time.

Until next time, may your dry-brushes be dry, and wet blends be wet (but not too wet). See you then!

Robotech Tactics pt5 - Zentraedi Regult Battlepods and Officer

     Hello there, welcome back to the blog. Been busy with more real life working, but came back to wrap up the Robotech Tactics from Palladium Books. Although the client (and a few hundred other people) is still waiting one the wave 2 stuff to release, This wraps up all the Wave 1 items from that Kickstarter.

      This post update, we look at the basic Zentraedi Regult Battlepods and the Glaug Officer Battlepod, with the Artillery, Recon, and Recovery Battlepods next post. Lets get started!

Regult Battlepods
Gathered in sets of four (for ease of picture taking), their positions a variety to break up the monotony of an army of drones.

Glaug Officer Battlepod
Going with the colors picked by the client to match the old anime version.

And there we have it! So close to the end of this set. It was a lot of miniatures as you can see in the first post of this series. Up next is the remaining Zentraedi forces, the Artillary, Recovery, and Recon Battlepods. See you then!