Thursday, June 18, 2015

Nightmare Teddy

Welcome back! Another update today, trying to keep in sync with a schedule here, and we have something special.

Wyrd Miniatures makes some great miniatures for their tabletop game Malifaux, they always have. More than recently they moved to plastic, like many of the other companies, and started introducing "Nightmare" versions of different models. An alternate sculpt if you will, "nightmare" versions usually look meaner and more intimidating than their regular versions.

     So for this show and tell, I present a commission piece, the Nightmare Teddy! Now, the client already had a base concept in mind to match the rest of his crew, so I was just to paint the model and leave the base which would be attached later.

Nightmare Teddy

 Let's start off by the evil clown appearance of the face. Yes, going for the Prince of Crime himself, Joker! even topped with the leaf green for the hair, and look at that beautiful smile!

 Covering the body in patch work fashion, I had the idea of all the nightmares, the opposite of the Care Bears (remember them?) So Nightmare Teddy has patch-worked the torn apart care bears skin, making them his own, a true nightmare.

Attach some blades for his fingers and toes, and hes ready to welcome you to the dream world.

All in all I had a blast painting this figure. Everything from concept of his color to the finishing touches brought an evil grin to my face. And I must say, looks pretty intimidating across the table.

Hope you enjoyed my share. Until next time, keep that palette clean!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Little bit of IKRPG pt2

Welcome back readers!

Last week we took a look at some of the miniatures I did up for some villains for my Iron Kingdoms Role Playing game from Privateer Press. This week we will look at the three more of those. I do enjoy painting with a purpose, aside from an army to field, and painting individual things (mostly to fit a feel) is my favorite. Even if I got out of my way for that special look for an individual character.

Trollkin Warrior
He was the beat stick of the villain group. A lean, mean, fightin machi..well troll. This is the Fennblade Officer from the Hordes side of Privateer Press, a perfect look at a pissed off trollkin.

 His tartan colored black and white, going for a special mercenary look to show he has no tribe to belong to, fit the rest of the groups feel.

Greylord Escort
This guy...well he was a bit of a last minute rush. In our game he was a junior warcaster, not quite full fledged. He was aligned with Khador (as the model suggests). The eyes were left white for he was in the middle of casting a spell.

 His staff was actually modified, the axe top, from another miniature (cant really recall which one though) and painted blue to represent his ice magic abilities such as Khador casters are known for.

'Jack (the warjack)
Nice name. 'Ol Jack here was a personal project of mine. I wanted to show that you could mix and match part off of the various warjacks for the Mercenary faction of Warmachine, and I succeeded! Building a warjack in game, you can use various parts from other warjacks and truly make it you own, and with different mechanics (skills in the game) you could build you own parts.
 The head was custom built by me using green stuff and a small wooden ball as the centerpiece. Took me a while to get it just right, but turned out just as I imagined it.
 Various painted on tattoos to give him the pirate feel. Along with different colors on different parts and the salted rusty look because he is old and around sea water so much.

Honestly 'Ol Jack here is one of my favorites, but he was a costly bugger to build. Luckily Privateer Press has a parts store for most of their models so it was just a design what I want and assemble. Pretty fun for me.

So there you have it. There were another 3-4 models that were part of the story, but they (the models and story) never got finished. Some day I may get around to painting them up as well, but that list is growing (as are the updates to do here). We will see what I can work on when, and next time we will have something big for you (I hope).

Until next time, keep those brushes clean!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Little bit of IKRPG pt1

Welcome back! So apparently last year I was able to run some Iron Kingdoms Role- Playing Game (IKRPG) from Privateer Press. Amidst all that else I did as well, somehow I squeezed these sessions out for 2 months, at two different times of the year! So of course I needed some models for villains, and opponents to fight (as it is an RPG that uses miniatures like most do these days).
     Into my closet I dug and found a few miniatures that were unpainted to be perfect for the part. Although there were a few unpainted too, but those will get done some day.

Lets take a look at those that made the cut:

Although I did him up a few years ago as part of a crew for Malifaux, Bishop ended up being a villain in one campaign and an informant/allied in another.
He is pretty menacing looking, and I do love how his eye turned out through his hair.

Levi is another one from Malifaux, just sitting around, so I painted him up quick as a villain that was never reached, sadly the time got cut short for the one campaign. In the other he was a point of contact for the group as an odd funny old man, bit of an alchemist he was.

Loved this model. He is from a game called Ron & Bones, a company called Tale of War Miniatures. it was a pirate skirmish boadgame/tabletop. I never played, but I did have the box for the game thru an incredible find. Barracuda was perfect for a pirate villian, he was a duelist cutthroat and was damn good at his job.

 The tattoos covering his body were all a beginning to my  freehand work, although I never finished his eyes (he wasn't a blind swordsman). He did his role perfectly, and wherever they see him in a campaign they take him out first now. Loved this model.

          And those are just the beginning. Next week I will return with 3 other models I was able to use, and a warjack all bodged up for play! Until next time dear readers...