Thursday, June 4, 2015

Little bit of IKRPG pt1

Welcome back! So apparently last year I was able to run some Iron Kingdoms Role- Playing Game (IKRPG) from Privateer Press. Amidst all that else I did as well, somehow I squeezed these sessions out for 2 months, at two different times of the year! So of course I needed some models for villains, and opponents to fight (as it is an RPG that uses miniatures like most do these days).
     Into my closet I dug and found a few miniatures that were unpainted to be perfect for the part. Although there were a few unpainted too, but those will get done some day.

Lets take a look at those that made the cut:

Although I did him up a few years ago as part of a crew for Malifaux, Bishop ended up being a villain in one campaign and an informant/allied in another.
He is pretty menacing looking, and I do love how his eye turned out through his hair.

Levi is another one from Malifaux, just sitting around, so I painted him up quick as a villain that was never reached, sadly the time got cut short for the one campaign. In the other he was a point of contact for the group as an odd funny old man, bit of an alchemist he was.

Loved this model. He is from a game called Ron & Bones, a company called Tale of War Miniatures. it was a pirate skirmish boadgame/tabletop. I never played, but I did have the box for the game thru an incredible find. Barracuda was perfect for a pirate villian, he was a duelist cutthroat and was damn good at his job.

 The tattoos covering his body were all a beginning to my  freehand work, although I never finished his eyes (he wasn't a blind swordsman). He did his role perfectly, and wherever they see him in a campaign they take him out first now. Loved this model.

          And those are just the beginning. Next week I will return with 3 other models I was able to use, and a warjack all bodged up for play! Until next time dear readers...

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