Monday, April 30, 2012

Trollblood War Wagon

This is it, the end of April. And I am able to squeeze one last post in! This is the Trollblood War Wagon from Privateer Press. A Battle Engine for the Hordes army Trollbloods. It is a commission piece, perhaps my last until the end of summer, and was asked to be a quick paint job.

This is a battle engine, its hugh! the base is roughly 5" in diameter, the size of a CD. As this is a model, it was lengthly to assemble but came out great overall. But onto what you want, pictures!!

So there you have it, the Trollblood War Wagon. As I mentioned earlier it was requested to be a simple, quick, basic paintjob. The base was custom sprinkled with random parts from other factions to add flavor as if it is riding thru a battlefield. I did like the way the armor on the War Wagon turned out and overall satisfied with the finished piece.

Until next time I will be working on painitng more of my own personal stuff and maybe working on some terrain for at home gaming. Either way I will post some pics up when I get to it. Enjoy!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Gnoll Warrior Bones

I cant stay away from Reaper Miniatures Bones line. This one is the Gnoll Warrior. His price was only $2.50! The thing that appeals to me about the Reaper Bones line most is the fact that I can buy it cheap, take it out of the package and start painting right away. No preliminary work needed. No flash or mold lines to remove, no priming needed, just out of the package and paint.

Here is the Gnoll Warrior from Reaper Bones, enjoy!

Seriously whats not to love about this line? Although in its first run of miniatures, hopefully they will expand on more of them. OK, now back to painting after uploading 4 posts today, it might be a while before I do more uploading. Take care.

Objective Markers from Privateer Press

As the title says. These Objective Markers set was released in late 2011 (I think) and I had them painted for a while now, just now uploading and sharing them. They are apparently Privateer Press's first run at their own terrain, and they came out nicely. Here are some pics to enjoy::

Ammo Cache

Mechanic Station

Supply Depot

And there you have the 3 Objective Markers. I did have fun painting them (as usual).  I still have more things to paint, and more pics to upload, but for now this is what I have caught up on. Now back to doing something more painting!

Royal Paladin 2 SDE

Super Dungeon Explore is a great fun game. Here is another commissioned piece for the game, the Royal Paladin (or possibly Samuel L Jackson in chibi form). Some pics to enjoy:

Probably could have stuck this with the Candy & Cola 2 I just uploaded, but done all the same. Until next time, make sure you heal.

Candy&Cola 2 SDE

Oh Super Dungeon Explore, what a fantastic game. This model, Candy & Cola, is a limited edition model for the game. This one in particular is a commission piece done up just right to specifications.  Here are some pics:

I named this Candy & Cola 2, because I have yet to do mine up proper. Actually most of my Super Dungeon Explore needs painting, just waiting for a break from commissions to get them done.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Dem Bones

Recently Reaper Miniatures released a new product line called Bones. The idea was simple, release a high quality low cost miniature set. They hit it OUT OF THE PARK! This line is amazing, not only do the miniatures look great (almost no mold lines, no cleaning required), but their cost is amazingly low. They are plastic and...well lets just show some pictures.

 Bones just bougth at the LGS. Here we have the Dwarven Warrior. he cost only $2! TWO DOLLARS for a fantastic looking dwarf warrior model. Its still hard to fathom, I know. $2.

 Out of the package, I did not do anything yet except remove him from the package. nice detail.
 And the backside is nice too. Still plastic, still untouched.
 So they say its formulated to work great with the Reaper Master Series paints (which is all I use). No primer needed they say. Well this is gonna be unprimed! so I started on the holds. looks good so far - but I feel odd not priming a miniature.

All done! Below is the Dwarven Warrior (unprimed) all painted up! Now they also say the paint will hold to this unprimed plastic no matter how you rub or twist it. And that is true! so no coat seal either.

Oh so beautiful! $2. Reaper Miniatures proves it can be done. I love it! This one I have loaned out to my LGS Comic Store West to display, I have a feeling I will do a bit more for them as well, This is so nice :)

Well I did enjoy that, I will be doing more of these later this month (I think) but I still have some more to upload and paint.

Monday, April 9, 2012

EZ Dungeon 1: the build up

So just completed importing pics for the EZ Dungeon by Fat Dragon Games. This is just one of the builds I came up with, and this one I will be using for a large event at my LGS (Comic Store West). I believe I mentioned it before, Super Dungeon Explore Day- when people can come in and get a demo of the game, play a game, or build, and paint their miniatures of Super Dungeon Explore (by SodaPop Miniatures). That day is fast approaching (this Saturday) and I will hope to have up a slew of pictures of the whole day. For now I will show you the EZ Dungeon I built to be one of the dungeons used that day.

Floor tiles in place. Here are 9 of the 8"x8" tiles, this is the standard size I use for most of our games.  You can see all of the "lock holes" are open and ready for use. None of the tiles are connected by anything yet, usually I never do connect them for ease of transport and storage.

 EZ Pillars lock (pressed) into place. You can still see some of the holes, we will be taking care of that.

 Aaaand holes plugged. now the flooring of the dungeon is complete.

 Now we start building the walls, using the pillars to hold everything steady. Notice the archway? It is beautiful, that will be the start point of the adventure!

 Looking good so far. Is that a wall with red drapes? Lets get a closer look.

 Yup, this room has red drapes. along the walls and on the columns.These were custom made by another user on the Fat Dragon Games forums. There are also walls with cobwebs, I use them too. The red drapes make for a nice room , lets hope nothing bad happens in here (wink, wink). 

 Add some final touches, some round corners, and viola! EZ Dungeon build number 4 is done. (1-3 were good, but this is number 4). I cant wait to use it this week.

There will be a total of 3 3D papercraft dungeons to be on hand for use for anyones game, in case others want to play a friendly game on it. This is one, my 3D 8-bit homage dungeon will be the second, and the third dungeon will be one from World Works Games that I built a while ago.

Well hope you enjoyed the build. I should be back later this week with more pictures of painted stuff, until then....

Monday, April 2, 2012

EZ Dungeon begins

So hello again! Last month I posted how I was working on Fat Dragon Games EZ Dungeon for the Super Dungeon Explore Day at my LGS (Comic Store West). Well I have some pics I uploaded of pieces I completed and will now show you :)
As you will see there is more of a variety with the pieces for more advanced designs of the dungeons. As I said before this was an easy build and fun to do as well! Enjoy the pics:

 4" Wall

 2" wall

 1" wall

 2" corner

 1" column and post. The post sits inside the floor, the column on the floor.

 2" wide stairs. They are 3" long and 1" high. Just 1 of the sets of stairs.

 4" archway. The opening is 1 3/4" wide

 4" round piece.

8"x8" floor tile

And for those wondering this is the EZ Dungeon Deluxe set, the basic, starter if you will, from Fat Dragon Games. It was nice and easy to assemble. I rather do enjoy designing dungeons as much as I do painting. I also added 2 new tags (or labels): Fat Dragon Games and EZ Dungeon for easier look up later on.
Until next time, watch those paper cuts.