Monday, April 30, 2012

Trollblood War Wagon

This is it, the end of April. And I am able to squeeze one last post in! This is the Trollblood War Wagon from Privateer Press. A Battle Engine for the Hordes army Trollbloods. It is a commission piece, perhaps my last until the end of summer, and was asked to be a quick paint job.

This is a battle engine, its hugh! the base is roughly 5" in diameter, the size of a CD. As this is a model, it was lengthly to assemble but came out great overall. But onto what you want, pictures!!

So there you have it, the Trollblood War Wagon. As I mentioned earlier it was requested to be a simple, quick, basic paintjob. The base was custom sprinkled with random parts from other factions to add flavor as if it is riding thru a battlefield. I did like the way the armor on the War Wagon turned out and overall satisfied with the finished piece.

Until next time I will be working on painitng more of my own personal stuff and maybe working on some terrain for at home gaming. Either way I will post some pics up when I get to it. Enjoy!

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