Monday, April 2, 2012

EZ Dungeon begins

So hello again! Last month I posted how I was working on Fat Dragon Games EZ Dungeon for the Super Dungeon Explore Day at my LGS (Comic Store West). Well I have some pics I uploaded of pieces I completed and will now show you :)
As you will see there is more of a variety with the pieces for more advanced designs of the dungeons. As I said before this was an easy build and fun to do as well! Enjoy the pics:

 4" Wall

 2" wall

 1" wall

 2" corner

 1" column and post. The post sits inside the floor, the column on the floor.

 2" wide stairs. They are 3" long and 1" high. Just 1 of the sets of stairs.

 4" archway. The opening is 1 3/4" wide

 4" round piece.

8"x8" floor tile

And for those wondering this is the EZ Dungeon Deluxe set, the basic, starter if you will, from Fat Dragon Games. It was nice and easy to assemble. I rather do enjoy designing dungeons as much as I do painting. I also added 2 new tags (or labels): Fat Dragon Games and EZ Dungeon for easier look up later on.
Until next time, watch those paper cuts.

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