Thursday, April 12, 2012

Dem Bones

Recently Reaper Miniatures released a new product line called Bones. The idea was simple, release a high quality low cost miniature set. They hit it OUT OF THE PARK! This line is amazing, not only do the miniatures look great (almost no mold lines, no cleaning required), but their cost is amazingly low. They are plastic and...well lets just show some pictures.

 Bones just bougth at the LGS. Here we have the Dwarven Warrior. he cost only $2! TWO DOLLARS for a fantastic looking dwarf warrior model. Its still hard to fathom, I know. $2.

 Out of the package, I did not do anything yet except remove him from the package. nice detail.
 And the backside is nice too. Still plastic, still untouched.
 So they say its formulated to work great with the Reaper Master Series paints (which is all I use). No primer needed they say. Well this is gonna be unprimed! so I started on the holds. looks good so far - but I feel odd not priming a miniature.

All done! Below is the Dwarven Warrior (unprimed) all painted up! Now they also say the paint will hold to this unprimed plastic no matter how you rub or twist it. And that is true! so no coat seal either.

Oh so beautiful! $2. Reaper Miniatures proves it can be done. I love it! This one I have loaned out to my LGS Comic Store West to display, I have a feeling I will do a bit more for them as well, This is so nice :)

Well I did enjoy that, I will be doing more of these later this month (I think) but I still have some more to upload and paint.

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