Monday, April 9, 2012

EZ Dungeon 1: the build up

So just completed importing pics for the EZ Dungeon by Fat Dragon Games. This is just one of the builds I came up with, and this one I will be using for a large event at my LGS (Comic Store West). I believe I mentioned it before, Super Dungeon Explore Day- when people can come in and get a demo of the game, play a game, or build, and paint their miniatures of Super Dungeon Explore (by SodaPop Miniatures). That day is fast approaching (this Saturday) and I will hope to have up a slew of pictures of the whole day. For now I will show you the EZ Dungeon I built to be one of the dungeons used that day.

Floor tiles in place. Here are 9 of the 8"x8" tiles, this is the standard size I use for most of our games.  You can see all of the "lock holes" are open and ready for use. None of the tiles are connected by anything yet, usually I never do connect them for ease of transport and storage.

 EZ Pillars lock (pressed) into place. You can still see some of the holes, we will be taking care of that.

 Aaaand holes plugged. now the flooring of the dungeon is complete.

 Now we start building the walls, using the pillars to hold everything steady. Notice the archway? It is beautiful, that will be the start point of the adventure!

 Looking good so far. Is that a wall with red drapes? Lets get a closer look.

 Yup, this room has red drapes. along the walls and on the columns.These were custom made by another user on the Fat Dragon Games forums. There are also walls with cobwebs, I use them too. The red drapes make for a nice room , lets hope nothing bad happens in here (wink, wink). 

 Add some final touches, some round corners, and viola! EZ Dungeon build number 4 is done. (1-3 were good, but this is number 4). I cant wait to use it this week.

There will be a total of 3 3D papercraft dungeons to be on hand for use for anyones game, in case others want to play a friendly game on it. This is one, my 3D 8-bit homage dungeon will be the second, and the third dungeon will be one from World Works Games that I built a while ago.

Well hope you enjoyed the build. I should be back later this week with more pictures of painted stuff, until then....

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