Thursday, August 28, 2014

Whats new pussy cat?

Welcome back followers!

     This week I have a treat of a model I had for some time meow, an oldie from SodaPop Miniatures.
I fist picked this up a few years ago, when the game was just a rumor and they had these resin models for sale, something drew me to him and the Iron Chef was picked up. As with most of my miniatures it took a few years to make its way to the desk and painted.

     Im not 100% fond of resin models, so they take extra long to make it to the table. Over the summer, before Relic Knights Kickstarter made its way to my door I painted him up with eager delicacy. Lets take a look::

Iron Chef

 Look at those tasty ingredients in his apron.

 The stripes on this feisty feline were hand painted freestyle.

Quite fun to assemble and paint up. I did get my Relic Knights Kickstarter shipment in, but they are waiting in the background. Plenty of projects sitting in wait ahead of them. Plus, since we are going over all this stuff I have to share before I get to them.

I hope you enjoyed this installment, until next time.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Summer is over

Welcome back! My summer was busy, so apologies for the delay of any posts here. ALOT of things have happened and painting was done, and more things happened, but enough of that. I return with a  solo piece I had to paint once I saw it.

 Chandra Spec-Ops. A solo model for the Aleph army from Infinity; a game by Corvus Belli. Base is by Secret Weapon Miniatures.

Chandra: Spec-Ops

 Since I dont really play this faction (I went Nomads, more later), I went for a color scheme I wanted to try for a long time, but needed the right figure to do it.

My first step back into freehand, the faction logo turned out pretty good if I say so myself (and I do).

This view was just for a show of the base. Again, by Secret Weapon Miniatures (who make an awesome assortment of items for our hobby). She stands so cocky there....

Well thats todays upload. More are on the way, we kind of went "crazy" this summer at our LGS. So I grabbed up some Nomads for Infinity, and Pirates for Freebooters Fate, more Cryx and some Cygnar for Warmachine, and a slew of random minitures from random companies. We will see how good I am at posting these, but more are on the way!

Until next time readers.....