Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Khorne Slaughterpriest

Welcome back readers, lookers, and all around everyone else.

So last week we took a look at some Khorne Bloodbound models from Games Workshop's release of the Storm of Sigmar mini starter box. This week, we will take a gander into a leader I picked up for this mini force the Slaughterpriest with Hackblade and Wrath hammer.

Now I did pick up this model originally just to paint because he looked so cool, but after doing the other models i decided to add him to the team as a leader.  Although until I paint up the other Khorne from the full Age of Sigmar starter box set, he will stand in for them. I said before how my army of choice is the Stormcast Eternals, so I must paint them up first. These are just a distraction, a fun one at that.

So lets get looking!

Khorne Slaughterpriest with Hackblade and Wrath Hammer

Now he was modified a bit. Originally his left foot was standing on a monster skull, but I didnt think it fit properly, so I cut that off and replaced it with cork painted to look like the red rock of the lands they are from. You may also notice a lack of blood splatter on his weapons, but I opted out of that effect for this particular model, not sure why, but I wanted a 'before battle' look to him.

Hope you enjoyed looking. I will see what else I can come up with for next post, I believe its back to more commissions. Until next time!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Storm of Khorne pt2

Welcome back readers!

Continuing on from last post earlier in the week, we will take a gander into the second half of the Khorne part of the Storm of Sigmar, the Khorne Blood Warriors. Now only 3 came in the box, but as the previous Bloodbound they painted up quick and I enjoyed them very much. Lets take a look!

Khorne Blood Warriors

The blood on their weapons were an additional effect using Games Workshop technical paint, 'Blood for the Blood God'. It provided a nice touch in the end showing their ferocity on the field.

Now all they need is a leader...next post we will take a gander on the Slaughterpriest i picked up to add to the team. Until next time!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Storm of Khorne pt1

Welcome back!

This week we will take a gander into a personal project I did on a whim. Our LGS (Local Game Store) picked up on Games Workshop release of Age of Sigmar last year, and received quite the following. My main army I decided on Stormcast Eternals (still working on some of those models). But last year GW released small collections, one being the Storm of Sigmar. It contained a small force of Stormcast Eternals and Khorne Bloodbound models for the game.

For some reason I took to painting the Khorne models, I guess as a break from the regular way I painted my Stormcast's. So this week we will look at the Khorne Bloodbound contained within the box. First up, Bloodreavers!

Khorne Bloodbound Bloodreavers

     For some reason these 5 models painted up quickly, and I really enjoyed them. So much that I immediately went and did the next 3 models in the box, the Blood Warriors (more on those next). The bases were done using the Martian Ironhide technical paint from Games Workshop, with a nice layer of paint over top to highlight some of the chipping earth.

Hope you enjoyed this look into a personal project. Until next time!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

SQUEE like a Farrow pt4

Hey, double post in a week! Welcome back.

Today we are going to look at the last 3 models from that Farrow commission for the Minions army for the Hordes tabletop game from Privateer Press. Although this one only contains 1 Farrow, there are 2 other Minion characters that were done as part of the grouping.

Lets take a look:

Farrow Warlord

These next 2 characters are part of duo, and considered Minion faction. As with the pigs, they were to be done quick and cheap so not a whole lot of details were done.

Lynus Wesselbaum

Edrea Lloryrr

I wanted to do more to these last two, so I picked them up for myself for a future project (not that I may ever get to them). But simple and quick is what the client requested, and thats what they get.

Well, that wraps up the Farrow/Minion commission run. Not really sure what I will post next week, possibly a personal project or some awesome Guildball miniatures I got to paint. Guess we will wait and see.

Until next time!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

SQUEE like a Farrow pt3

Welcome back!

This post we continue our look into a past commission for a local player for his Farrow minion army for Hordes by Privateer Press. This week we are going to look at one of the newer units to be released, the Farrow Commandos!

Farrow Commandos

Although it was a 10-man pig unit box, only showing the basic non-duplicate sculpts here. The nice thing about these plastic unit boxes in plastic is that you can, with a little work, change the positions of the arms making a few adjustments so they don't all look the same.

Again, quick and easy paint jobs to get them on the table faster, and it works for these farrow.

Until next time!