Thursday, October 9, 2014

'Ere thar be Pyrates pt3

Arrrrrr, welcome back me harties. Continuing from last week, we take a look now at the Specialists for Freebooters Fate Pirates faction. Specialists bring a bit more variation to your crew, and cost a bit more to recruit as well. Lets take a look at some of them now:

 I love this stance, he puts his best hand forward.

Long John
long, long range? yes please. a cockatoo? yes please.

 Cant tell if the name is because of her gun, or red hair.
It may be best to not ask.

Crazy Perez
Technically she is a mercenary, but can be hired by Pirates.
 And with a name like hers, and her abilities, I had to paint her
in fashion of my favorite DC comics characters.

So thar they be. This is not all the Specialist options, but the ones I have at the moment. When I get the others in they too will be painted and displayed. Next week, I will show off some of the Captains for the Pirates faction, possibly a surprise post for a recent commission.

Until then...

Thursday, October 2, 2014

'Ere thar be Pyrates pt2

     Welcome back reader, we continue this week looking at more shiny pirates from Freebooters Fate. This time, we are continuing on with a few more deckhand options to add to the force from last weeks starter. Deckhands are the fodder nice little additions that bring support to your captains and help ensure their victory. Lets take a look at some of them now::

Cuchillo #2
Another knife player, his skill is sharp.

 Went for some tattoo work on half his face here, hard to see with this picture,
but the arm tattoos turned out great.

Pirate #2
This sultry lass thought it be fun to join the crew of pirates.

We call him Fabio. Mostly because of his stance,
that and he can dance!
 Matelots are armed with a pistol and a cutlass, a step up from your basic pirate
 but the cost is the same to hire into your crew.

More bang for yer gold.

 Double handed heavy musket she carries, a cutlass just in case.
 Her name be Tiradoros, shes got a tattoo on her face.

     Arrrr. Few more deckhands for ya ta choose from. For the most part, the Pirates and Chullio have the same stats, just different models in case you want to run 2 of the same type of deckhands and not be confused upon activations. Matelot and Tiradoro also have a second model each, but I have yet to get them ordered.

     That be all for this week maties. Next week we will look at some Specialist's for the pirate crew. Until then....