Thursday, May 10, 2012

No bones about it..

..I really do like Reaper Miniatures new Bones line.  "Why?" you ask. Simple, first they are a fantasy miniature line, not to mention the price point is fantastic (aka cheap). The models look great and the best part? I can pull it straight out of the package and begin painting right away!

That has got to be my favorite part. No cleaning mold lines, no pre coating with primer (you can if you want to but you dont need to), and they are a great buy!

So this post is not just raving how great the line is, but as in the title, This is about the Skeleton Warriors pack. for $5 you get 3 models, skeleton spearmen with shields. And here are some pics::

I really enjoy painting these, just hope my LGS gets more in. I find painting 1 of the pack between projects helps me refocus as well as getting to paint something. Well now I am off to paint some more things and plan my newest terrain feature, just need to find the right materials.

Until next time!

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