Thursday, June 18, 2015

Nightmare Teddy

Welcome back! Another update today, trying to keep in sync with a schedule here, and we have something special.

Wyrd Miniatures makes some great miniatures for their tabletop game Malifaux, they always have. More than recently they moved to plastic, like many of the other companies, and started introducing "Nightmare" versions of different models. An alternate sculpt if you will, "nightmare" versions usually look meaner and more intimidating than their regular versions.

     So for this show and tell, I present a commission piece, the Nightmare Teddy! Now, the client already had a base concept in mind to match the rest of his crew, so I was just to paint the model and leave the base which would be attached later.

Nightmare Teddy

 Let's start off by the evil clown appearance of the face. Yes, going for the Prince of Crime himself, Joker! even topped with the leaf green for the hair, and look at that beautiful smile!

 Covering the body in patch work fashion, I had the idea of all the nightmares, the opposite of the Care Bears (remember them?) So Nightmare Teddy has patch-worked the torn apart care bears skin, making them his own, a true nightmare.

Attach some blades for his fingers and toes, and hes ready to welcome you to the dream world.

All in all I had a blast painting this figure. Everything from concept of his color to the finishing touches brought an evil grin to my face. And I must say, looks pretty intimidating across the table.

Hope you enjoyed my share. Until next time, keep that palette clean!

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