Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Time in the West

Welcome back readers!

     Its been a while, but life has been busy (as usual). I have accumulated soooo much painting and the backlog is even bigger now! I still have some great pictures to show you from this year, and even back from 2014! No doubt it will even span into next year as we are 30 days away from that. I thank you if your still reading these updates, or even visiting here from time to time.

     This week we will take a look into some western style miniatures from Gang Fight Games for their game, Blackwater Gulch. This batch was a commission for a local, and I think we all know who they are supposed to be, but let me introduce the...

Tranquility Crew

Nice right? Lets take a look at each member closer.

Captain Reinholdt

Adam James


Reverend Sheppard

Dr. Simmons

     With the bases, I used your basic sand grit and Secret Weapon Pigments layered and dry-brushed to represent the mud earth they may come upon in the old west. After this commission, I did pick up a gang box of all ladies for myself, but have yet to get around to painting them. The sculpts for the game are nice and they even have other "iconic" figures in the set.

Lets hope my next update comes quicker, I have plenty to show what I have been up to!

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