Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Farrow Power

Welcome back!

Another week, another blog post update! This week is a short one, but covers two of the Farrow characters for the Minions army from Hordes by Privateer Press. These were another project completed last year, and just now getting around to posting.

Helga the Conqueror

Painted to a quick tabletop standard, this Warlock is ready for battle using some colors from Cygnar army.


Maximus is a solo warrior that the client had his own base for. He also wanted the blood spewed everywhere, hence the gore splattered upon the...everywhere.

Currently, painting wise, I am working on the newest release for Minions, the Meat Thrasher! Although at the same time I am attempting to finish up some Stormcast Eternals for an Age of Sigmar game coming up. Also the  Hoarluk Doomshaper epic model,, you get the idea.

Until next time readers, keep them drybrushes dry, and the wet blends wet.

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