Sunday, March 4, 2012

Demonkin Hero? SDE

Super Dungeon Explore! Such an awesome game, if you havnt played yet, go find someone with a copy and play. Loads of fun as I may have mentioned before.

This blog update is about a hero piece I was commissioned to do recently, the Riftling Rogue also known as the Demonkin Hero. Sometimes "BAMF!" referring to her one ability, or Samuel L Jackson ;)
Anyway a commission I enjoyed to do. The game comes with the plastic miniatures, but this is one of the metal ones the client found online. His requests were simple: Hot pink hair, purple eyes. The rest was my options, hopefully I did it justice.

There was also a resin treasure chest that came with the metal figure.

I also uploaded to my account so if you like it, go vote on it (link is in the side menu). Now off to another of many commissions and personal stuff. I need more time to do all this.

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