Wednesday, March 21, 2012

March Maddness

No this isnt relating to any sports. Its just an update about how spastic I have been going the past month.
I have yet to upload the Mighty Armies pictures I promised to upload here. Or much of anything else done on here like massive updates or pictures of other things I have finished.

Instead I have been painting a bunch of personal and commission works. Games Workshop Chaos Dragon (old school), Anime Tactics solo character, Super Dungeon Explore minion and heroes, some Warmachine and Hordes figures, etc etc. I dont have a single one finished, most are a few touches away from completion, but only a few sadly.

 I have also assembled and primed some scenery for my homemade table for wargaming (mostly Warmachine). Assembled and primed, not much else done to them. Some are buildings from various companies (mostly Games Workshop) and some I have built using the pink foam and other materials.

 Not to mention, recently began working on yet ANOTHER papercraft dungeon! This time it is Fat Dragon Games 3D EZ Dungeon - the original that I based my 8-bit dungeon off of. I began doing another one because I am a Legionnaire member (CoolMiniorNot's demo corp) and in April I am hosting a Super Dungeon Explore Day comprising of 6 hrs of building, painting, and playing Super Dungeon Explore! I wanted to have a few different options for those that show up, so I will be pulling out my many dungeons for them to play on. I will have pictures up as well next month when that hits.

So there we have it. An update so I am not really slacking off. :) now off to painting more stuff.

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