Monday, October 17, 2011

Dungeon Week Day 1

Update to this weeks self imposed Dungeon Week. Yesterday I was able to print off more pages that I found I needed from WorldWorks Games terrain. I decided to start off the week with a little post construction. I found for this new Dungeon, I need a total of 40 2-way corner posts, 30 of the 3-way center posts, and 5 of the 4-way middle posts. With these I will be part way to the totals I need for Dungeon X. Also I needed 4 of the 3" wide stairs and decided to also make use of making 3 1" stairs extra.

Well enough babbling on, here are some pictures::

All 40 of the 2-way posts have been fully assembled, and 1 3" staircase. The 3-way center posts have been cut out and just need final assembly as well as the other staircases. Tomorrow I will continue their work and start on more floor tiles. 

Until then, watch where you cut.

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