Friday, October 21, 2011

Dungeon Week Bust

So incase you couldnt tell I have yet to post an update on my Dungeon Week. It was a bust. When I thought I was going to get time, I ended up working a whole lot of hours at my "real job". The good news is the 2-way corner posts are out of the way. I also remembered I do have a "Staycation" coming up in a few weeks, so I more than likely will be doing dungeon work then also and will update. The next 2 weeks I have commission work on more miniatures due so some pics will follow those.

As a side note, I also purchased Batman: Arkham City. The game is beautiful and the plot is amazing (As was the first one). Although I should note I was only able to play the game for 2 hrs in total (also because of work), but enjoyed every minute. It has been a while since I was able to enjoy a video game, since I am addicted to painting, but I am looking forward to playing more of this one (after I paint) some time in the future.

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