Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Zombicide: Black Plague Main Heroes

Welcome Back!
 This week we take a look at the starting heroes from Zombicide: Black Plague by Guillotine Games.

I realize the game came out a while ago, and was a Kickstarter, but as with my backlog of pictures I am just now getting around to posting them up.

This one excited me as a follow up stand alone Zombicide game mostly because it goes medieval! Thats right: swords, sorcery, bows, brute strength, werewolves! Yeah, I got giddy when it was announced and quickly became a backer. Some of the rules changed (for the better), and a plastic dashboard came for each hero for easier equipment tracking. Really enjoyed the games I have played.

Now, onto some pictures!!

 Samson - Dwarven Blacksmith

Clovis - Human Warrior

Nelly - Human Barmaid

Baldric - Human Mage

Slias - Elven Ranger

Anne - Human Warrior Nun

There you have it. The starting six heroes that come in Zombicide: Black Plague. These were a lot of fun to paint up, in fact I did so within an hour of opening the box up! The rest of the box were to be painted later, but I still have yet to get to them.

Well, I hope you enjoyed looking. Until next time!

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