Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Diaper-Machine Trophy!

Warmachine. Hordes. Privateer Press. Tournament. Need a trophy.

A little background is required here. The LGS, Comic Store West has a new Store Manager (If you havnt been to the store in a while it is Scott, no to mention the store has changed their layout).  Scott is having a baby! Well actually his wife is having the baby, but you get the gist. So one of the store owners thought it would be nice to throw a Warmachine/Hordes tournament in his honer and help celebrate and help them out a bit too, as most know a first baby can get expensive.

So they asked me to make a trophy for the tournament, which was dubbed Diaper-Machine! Why? Because the registration fee is 1 50 count box of diapers for a newborn. Also 20% of anything bought that day related to Privateer Press products goes towards Scott and his wife as a Target giftcard!

So I jumped at the chance to make the trophy. Scott has made the trophies before for our other events, and I like to think of him as a friend and would love the chance to do it. After hours of pondering and searching for ideas, I thought of the scene in the Lion King. You all know which scene I am talking about, where they hold up the cub (Simba?) to the rest of the tribe and jungle.

Well here are some pics of the finished product, hope you enjoy::

Some notes about the piece:
The wood is actually 2 pieces of plaque picked up at local art store. The stone made from cork board. There is a Dire Troll Mauler, modified to be able to hold the baby in place. And that baby is a Trollblood Whelp. Both models are metal and are from Privateer Press. I used the trolls because that is the army Scott plays, and those are the colors of his trolls.

The place card is handmade and modeled after some .gif's of gears I found and cut out of plasticard. The letters are hand painted on using regular acrylic paints.

Hope you enjoyed it as well as I hope they do, and even the winner as well. Take care everyone, back to painting. Keep them brushes wet.

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