Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Nick Walker - Zombicide

So as read earlier, I got Zombicide! A fantastic board game made by Guillotine Games and published by Cool Mini or Not. It is a co-operative board game about surviving the zombie apocalypse.

Now it does come with a TON of miniatures for both survivors and the zombies (as seen in earlier post of the unboxing). I did tell myself that I would NOT paint anything until after the commissions I have are finished.  Well last night Zombicide won out. After playing a few games of this I broke down and painted a survivor. Nick "the Bad Cop" Walker.

Enough rambling on, here are some pictures!

As I was painting him all I could think was this line: "Come out to the coast, get together, We'll have a few laughs". Maybe not a good idea, but eh...thats me.

Hope you enjoyed, now back to painting other stuffs.

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