Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mighty Armies - Wood Elves part 1

So as promised, here is a large Mighty Armies commission piece I did earlier in the year. I call this part 1 because I received more of these to paint up and currently working on them at the moment. Mighty Armies is a miniatures game using 15mm miniatures.  Most of these miniatures used here are from Splintered Light Miniatures, a miniature company that makes a ton of 15-20mm miniatures. 

So there is the background info, and here are some pics! There are 2 armies here: Undead and Wood Elves. Wood Elves are in this post, the Undead previous post! 

And that completes the past Mighty Armies commission project. I am working on more at the moment, but when I finish them more pics will be posted! Until next time....

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