Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Mid year update

So we are over half way over on 2012. I thought this to be a good point to look back at my "yearly to do list" I made back at the start of 2012 and see how I was coming along. Remember this blog not only showcases some of my works, but is also ment to make me move along to projects so I dont forget about them. So now I would like to take some time between projects and reflect on those "project promises".

     Super Dungeon Explore! All the miniatures need painted (50+)
- still need work. sadly. I finished about 2 of my own heroes and 6 minions, but the expansion is coming soon and I am not close to finished. Unfortunatly they get pushed back when I get commissions.
     Legion of Everblight commission project (almost done- need pics)
- yup. same place in line. Still getting pushed back.
     Khador commission project (special I am only half involved in)
- Has been delayed until time for the first half from the client gets done. Im ok with this.
     Mighty Armies commission project
- done! at least part 1 when I wrote this is done. I am about to get more within the next month.
      My own Cryx army (maybe I will get to finish it)
- 45% of my army is painted! about 30% based! Not bad considering I have about 300 models!
- yeah, bits here and there. I think I will take this off the list as there are other priorities.
     Malifaux characters (random bunches)
- Also taking off the list. Most of these I save for between projects or when I need a certain style to paint.

 Wargaming (Warmachine/Hordes) Terrain:
     Cryx-ifyed King of the Hill Terrain(with extreme mode)
- In progress. I did however do a King of the Hill piece using ruins instead.
- Pictures were lost in the "how to" process.
     a "How to" series on various bases I have done
- In progress. I should just take the pics one day and hammer them out.
     Cryx Tower
     Cryx Harvesting tanks
     Hills, walls, and other field terrain
- The rest of the terrain is in progress. As in the bits are laying around but nothing assembled yet. I have been working on more Ogroth Ruins type terrain, so we will see more of those in the future.

 RPG Terrain:
     3D 8-bit Dungeon
-DONE! really it is. I can always add to it but the basic that I wanted and set out for is done.
     Dungeon X (really How much longer can I delay its creation?)
- Apparently as long as possible. With all this other terrain building, and the new Terraclips from World Works Games, this one really fell by the wayside.
     More WorldWorks Games Terrain Dungeons
- See explanation above.

SO there we have it. Not much really got done. I even pushed aside commission work for 2 months and that got me a bit caught up, but not much. As we can see I was able to FULLY complete 1 on this list. Just need to push myself more because August is coming and that will get busy.

Allow me to list:
Super Dungeon Explore Expansion: new models to buy and paint
Zombicide: Zombie survival board game! with miniatures!
Wrath of Kings: New miniatures skirmish game. nice models
Warmachine: As usual. new Cryx models come out! cant wait for these ones!
Hordes: The Mountain King arrives in September.

See more miniatures to add to the painting list! There is just not enough time for everything. Add to this commission work - sheesh. I may have to take another break from commissions in September.

Well there we go, another list post update. Had to put this up to drive me more, to get more done. As long as I can stay focu...oh look MORE MINIATURES!!!!

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