Sunday, July 22, 2012

New additions?

So I am checking over my blog and I am thinking about adding pages to the blog to house different projects by types for easier accessibility instead of using the labels.  The labels will still be used for overall purpose and search findings, but the pages will house the larger projects all in one go. 

I think these are some of them: Terrain, Cryx, Menoth, Legion, Super Dungeon Explore, Wrath of Kings. Or maybe headers with Subheaders leading into the armies. ex: Warmachine takes you to Cryx, Menoth, Cygnar. Wrath of Kings takes you to the factions there. Super Dungeon Explore will just be a large photo gallery of all those same as the terrain.

Not sure when this will happen as most of those I listed are in stages and none completed as a whole yet, but this is what I was thinking, just thought I would share. Also this week I hope to have updated a commission I had earlier in the year, the Mighty Armies part 1. So look for those pics coming up!

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