Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Road Hogs!

Another commission piece is done. This one included 2 of the Road Hogs, a Minion Heavy Warbeast from Privateer Press for their Hordes line.  As you can see this commission was like the other piggy minions, basic paint and base. Simple and quick.  Here are some pics!

As you can see not only are the two in different poses, but their shoulder armor is also different colors. This was the clients choice as it sticks to the theme provided earlier with the Slaughthousers of his army. And I rather was going to do it that way anyway :)

So there they are, the newest commissions. There are more to do and I am working on terrain in between. Some future projects you should see: more Mighty Armies, a Warhammer Fantasy Dragon, more tabletop terrain, and some super cool miniatures I cant decide yet!

Until the next update....

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