Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Squeal like a pig!

Oh this update is a long time due. A few months ago, and since then, I have been commissioned to paint up  various units of a Farrow army from Privateer Press's Hordes game. It was for a local gamer who really didnt want to take time to paint and who didnt want to pay a whole lot to have them painted up.

In suggests me (rather I was suggested). Cheap, quick, ok looking miniatures to play with all painted up. These are a few of his models I did up for him. Remember: Cheap and quick. As long as they were painted thats all he wanted.

First up: Farrow Bonegrinders

Follwed by: Farrow Razorback Crew

Next we have: Slaughterhousers!

How about a caster for that army? This is the warlock Dr. Arcadius. Note that this was a special request, the caster had to be painted black, as the man playing them (and paying for the painting) wanted it that way-and customer is always right:

Also to add to the pigs, we included 2 solos that can fit into almost any army.

Saxon Orrik

Alten Ashley

What and update! I think I will also make separate posts of the individual units to get a better pictures of individuals within the unit. So that was a big chunk of current painting commissions. I still have another unit or two in the works and will post sometime after I finish them.

Keep them brushes dry!

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