Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Questing in Arcadia pt4

     What a crazy last two weeks it has been, we had our first snow storm BLIZZARD of the year (30" here), multiple projects started, and tons of extra hours in at work. And the extra hours continue for a while I am told so I decided to do this weeks update a day early. This week will wrap up the Questing in Arcadia series for now, more will come later after I paint a few more figures-most from the retail release box. Next week we will take a look at a starter box from Dark Age, the retail box (plus some) from Robotech, and possibly reach the newest from Zombicide Black Plague! A handful of random other miniatures, and possibly some terrain is also in the works but lets not get ahead of ourselves.

Onto Arcadia Quest!!


While he is not a hero, he sparked my interest as the first monster to be painted. He dubs as a Troll minion or the troll boss, Schmetterling!


There we have it, the last 2 figures painted up from Arcadia Quest for this series. Its a great game as I may have mentioned before. Really enjoyed playing it and painting the figures. The rest will come painted up later this year (hopefully).

Until next time.

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