Thursday, March 24, 2016

Robotech Tactics pt1- Intro

Hello hello.
Its time for another blog post update!

     This update we will begin looking into Robotech Tactics by Palladium Books. I know, I know all about the Kickstarter campaign and the pain it has caused some, believe me I am waiting on my one figure that has yet to ship through the Wave 2 process. Instead we are here to look at the miniatures and see what painting can be done to these figures.

     As with most of what I share here on this ol blog, it is a commission set given to the clients instructions. This particular commission was HUGE! So big in fact it may just span a few posts to cover everything. First we will cover the United Earth Defense Force (UEDF-the good guys). Next we will cover the Zentraedi (the bad guys). And the last update will cover some of the character UEDF models, most of which are little modifications to represent them until their release.

     I will leave you with a little teaser of everything I painted, and the next post we will start with the backbone of the UEDF army, the Brownies.



 Thats a whole lotta Robotech! Get ready to dive into the individual pieces coming up!

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