Tuesday, February 28, 2017

SQUEE like a Farrow pt1

Welcome back!

This post we are going to look back at a commission for another local player who loves his bacon, and Farrow army, for Hordes tabletop game by Privateer Press. Although Farrow are just one part of the Minions army, this client deals mostly with the piggy side and a few of the other solo minions.

Today, we will take a look at two of the lesser warbeasts, Battle Boar and Splatter Boar. Lets look!

Battle Boar

Splatter Boar

With the client on this army I have my free reign on colors and keep the army as uniform with skin and fur colors. As Minions are mostly ragtag guerrilla style of an army, the armors shown as if they loot the battlefield after bigger armies do battle so they have no real colors of armor themselves.

The other stipulation with the client is he prefers to have a painted force on the table, but not break his bank, so most of the army is a base color and mid-tone to that color. This is also why the details are not picked out and a lot of the same colors are repeated. On the plus side this allows me to get them done in quicker fashion and saves time.

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