Monday, May 9, 2011

All my base (for Infinity)

Recently was commissioned to paint a 6 man unit for the game Infinity.   Yu Jing starter pack. Pictures of the unit will hopefully follow as will the custom bases I have made for them. The bases were something I wanted to be a future tech mixed with Industrial feeling. Upon searching for ideas on the interwebz, I found Micro Arts Studio did something I was looking towards and such gave me an idea to push the base design...

Industrial sci-fi tech bases

As you can see in the pick, there are a variety of materials and tools I used for this project. Alot of the materials you see are from Plastruct and can be found at most Hobby/train shops. They are a great company and materials used mostly for model train sets but have been growing into use for wargaming terrain for years.
Tools are a circle compass cutter, Exacto knife, pencil, and my handy dandy Dremmel (not pictured). The big sheet of white shiny, is plasticard this is an old comic book divider I have no use for except for flooring.

Next I used my compass cutter to cut out the circle of the pass from the pasticard. The size is 7/8 diameter. Cutting thru the pasticard takes a few passes.

After we get our circles cut out, I then use various parts from the bin-namely a few different Plastruct items in various ways and design. Using a Hexagon template the use pen to trace the lines in lightly on the plasticard and follow carefully over them with the Xactoblade, giving the pattern birth on the card, that will become the floor on my base.

After that is done, then I add the floor and the other elements to the base, gluing them into place. Not to worry if they overlap the base at all, we can sand them down later.

Now the overlap is ok, and we can begin painting the base. First things first cover in black primer.

or was it sand first and then add the primer....Sand down the edges to be flush with the base, then coat with black primer, or white primer. Either your preference.

Begin to paint the base, however you choose. I am going for an industrial sci-fi tech theme here so my colors should match accordingly. Now I have created 5 others to match this theme and painted them all up.

So there you go for an update. A little "how to" if you will. The bases took me a while to do. The blue in between the design is blue ink. The flooring is Pure White paint thinned a bit with a few coats. The steel is actually various grays done up to appear metallic. Another pic will follow later on, but I hope you enjoyed this update.
Until next time.


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