Monday, May 16, 2011

Yu Jing Starter Box for Infinity

As promised here is the finished Yu Jing starter Box for the miniatures game Infinity. This was a commission piece and bases were custom made. I loved painting these models, and I hope the end result shows in it. Although I will admit halfway thru the project I had to stop for 2 weeks due to a pinched nerve that laid me out of everything. In the end I did want to get these finished and returned.  Still having mixed feelings about them tho..

Without further delay here they are::

The Whole Group together

To save space I am going to throw up collages of the individual pics.

 Shang Ji
 Celestial Guard
 Zhanshi Warrior 1
 Zhanshi Warrior 2
 Zhanshi Warrior 3

This was a fun project and the models a joy to paint. The bases I especially am pleased with although I keep second guessing myself. I would love to paint more of these in the future, but I have other things on my plate at the moment as well.
Until next time, keep them brushes wet by cup or tongue.

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