Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Mid October Update!

Morning everyone. What a month so far, and it's been about a month since my last posting.

I am still alive, painting and building. Got a couple of projects in the works currently that will see posted near or at the end of the month. But taking a break right now to go thru the list!

1. The Mountain King. Large and in charge, the Trollblood Gargantuan from Privateer Press. Received him as a commission and I am doing him up right.

2. Super Dungeon Explore 3D Demo Board. Thats right, the guys over at Soda Pop Miniatures have a contest going on now and I cant wait to see the other entries. The contest ends Oct 31, so I gotta finish this one up as well.

3. Zombicide! The game is a blast, the miniatures are fun to paint. You have seen some survivors already, and I was planning on painting nothing but the zombies this month, that didnt go so well. But I am painting them between the others.

Well those are the big 3 projects currently. I also have a few Protectorate of Menoth army models from Privateer Press I received as a commission and another miniature or two I got for a second project. Both of these things I plan on working on in November, and done hopefully by Christmas. Ontop of working on my very own army that has been neglected for the past couple of months.

So in the future hopefully these will all make it up on this blog as well as a tutorial or two on base work. Thats all for now folks. Just a little motivation for me to keep going here and update myself and whoever is reading what I have been up to.

Keep imagination running wild!

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