Monday, October 29, 2012

Super Dungeon Explore Demo Dungeon

Super Dungeon Explore is a great fun game! I have said it before. Reminiscent of the 8-bit games of old, the folks over at Soda Pop Miniatures brings it to the tabletop with this game. Think Gauntlet back in the day, now add some chibi style miniatures and hours of entertainment.

The recent contest over at Soda Pop Miniatures gave me the motivation I have had for a while to build a 3-D Demo Dungeon for this game. As I am currently a member of Cool Mini or Not, Legion (the guys that run demos of games and represent the company at conventions and at LGS) I wanted to have a nice dungeon to demo the game on, something with pizzaz.  Here are the 5 pictures I choose to enter into the contest. More pictures will come later, including some WIPs.

It was a fun ride, and took about 3 weeks to complete from start to finish. Now I can get back to some painting as I have had another 2 minis added to my "TO DO" list.

Happy Painting everyone!!

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