Monday, March 18, 2013

Alive and kicking!

I am still here. I guess this is another reassurance post than an update. Or it could be considered an update as a reassurance. This past month has been crazy, both painting and work, and life in general. As some of you are maybe aware (if you play Warmachine or Hordes in a game shop) the latest league has been going on for a month. I like to friendly compete in these, get some games in, do some socializing.

This league has been a bit different tho, with the bonuses you could earn in painting different things I was determined to actually win a league only by painting. Although after calculating everything up before hand, and knowing the playing of others, I realized this may not be possible. So I got some games in. I also got a lot, A LOT, of painting in. Most were basic tabletop quality I did for other people, some of them free, some of them commissions. This of course has eaten alot of my time up. Painting miniatures, playing games, working full time hours, the usual for me.

The league is in its last week here and so far I am in the lead with 30 points spread betwen me and second place. Oddly enough those 30 points come all from painting. So in a sense I guess I may actually win a league, and win it with painting. This would be my first league win. Ever. Usually I get tied for second, or the race is close until the last week when I get overtime at work that cannot be avoided. This time things fell into place. But the more important thing is I had fun. And yes I had fun playing my various opponents, win or lose.

But onto more painting! With the slam of this league I have decided to not take anymore commissions until after April, giving me a whole month to myself to paint what I want, play some video games, or just paint more things. I like, nah - I LOVE to paint. and you will see some of that coming up next month, maybe as soon as next week. In the works to post online I have a few items to update this blog.  Razor Boars painted, the Khador Colossal Conquest painted, a tutorial on making snow bases, and a picture set of the Circle of Orboros from Privateer Press 2 Player starter set I did earlier this month.

Those are to name a few, who knows what else I may get into. I just wanted to update this here and let whomever cares know that the blog is still alive, just stirring in its slumber currently.

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