Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Razor Boars done

So hello again. I had some time available so I thought I would toss up the pictures of Razor Boars I did a month back. So here they are, Razor Boars, from Privateer Press' line of Hordes. These little guys are considered lesser warbeasts and mainly work for the pig side of the Minions faction. Done up quick and easy with basic colors as thats what the client wanted. Here they are for your viewing pleasure::

You may notice each one has a distinguishing mark upon their right rear leg. This was done to tell the difference between each one if they were close together or on the field at the same time.

Since these photos were taken, the client wanted me to re-do the hair on each one separately so they individually stand out more. In my rush to return them I forgot to take additional photos, so this is all we have here. Simple, quick, and cheap paint job. Each one took about 20 minutes to paint (if that).

Well now I will be back on later this week with a How-To Tutorial on those bases. Its pretty simple, but I wanted to share anyways. And later on we shall see some Khador, including the mighty Conquest, I was commissioned to paint. Until next time....

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