Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Kingsley Warlock - Anima Tactics

     I have always loved anime. Cipher Studios puts out some great looking anime style models for  their game Anima Tactics. It is a skirmish size tabletop game. Skirmish basically is small amounts of figures on each players side, as opposed to Warmachine or Hordes which usually contain a large amount of models per side. 

I dont own much for the game, in fact Kingsley here is my first that I own, but I have painted for others. There is no time to learn another game and keep painting, but I loved painting him. So here I present Kingsley Warlock from Anima Tactics::

The base is actually from Enigma Scenic Bases: Dungeon Floor. Also I should note here that the sword was a try at NMM (Non-Metallic Metal). It is the process of using regular paint to copy the effect of metal, the shine, dull, and reflection as if it was actual metal paint. It turned out ok. This is one of the things I want to work on more, but need more time to practice. I still like how the model turned out, especially the skin. I was trying a new approach to the African-American skin using some blends and inks.

I would like to check out the line of miniatures more, but first I have other projects to finish. For now that is all. Going to sleep for a change, keep a lookout for more updates this week or next!

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